Weber’s Customer Service and Engineering staff are experts at
helping customers choose the right designs, materials, and adhesives necessary
for their custom application, every time and on time!

Using the industry standard Pantone Matching System (PMS) and our state-of-the-art color matching and manufacturing processes, Weber Precision Graphics combines this with a wide variety of premium plastics (polycarbonates, polyesters, acrylics, and numerous others) to ensure that our customers get the look and the long-lasting performance for the overlays they require.

Weber Precision Graphics is an industry-leading membrane switch manufacturer.  For decades, we have had an acute understanding of the importance membrane switches have for our customers, and the critical role they play in providing interactive machine operation and data entry functions.

Sizes & Shapes range from 0.5″ to 60.0″ long

Weber Precision Graphics offers engineered custom sensing solutions covering a wide variety of application possibilities. Weber’s proprietary designs (some of which are patented) and manufacturing processes, along with our many years of experience and innovative expertise in developing custom sensors, create unique opportunities for our customers to receive the exact application-specific sensing solutions they’re looking for.

When it all started 50 years ago, Weber Precision Graphics was the choice when the highest quality metal nameplates were required by our customers for their unique logo and product identification requirements.

When it comes to decals, labels (standard and dry-transfer), Weber Precision Graphics provides our customers with unmatched color, clarity, and quality consistency.  Craftsman-like manufacturing processes and procedures cause the images that our customers desire to come-to-life!

Weber Precision Graphics provides a cost-effective solution to your high volume, high quality labeling requirements. High-speed production machinery and manufacturing methods create cost-effective efficiencies which we pass on to you. With a variety of lightweight materials and available colors, our customers get what they want and what they need.

Let us help you transform your normal label design into an attractive, 3D appearance! Weber Precision Graphics’ special polyurethane-resin-coating process creates a label that not only looks great, but is also resistant to extreme weather, exposure to common chemicals and typical cleaners, as well as harsh environments.