Weber Precision Graphics is an industry-leading membrane switch manufacturer.  For decades, we have had an acute understanding of the importance membrane switches have for our customers, and the critical role they play in providing interactive machine operation and data entry functions.

Our experienced engineering team integrates computer-aided and graphic designs, along with special adhesives and a variety of engineered components, to create innovative solutions for every single job we do, and for every customer we have. We are expert in designing and facilitating the building process of any switch – whether it requires a circuit board, integrating LEDs, metal panels, or rubber keypads.

Every membrane switch is designed and constructed to be impervious to moisture, chemical and solvent penetration, and extreme heat or cold.  Most importantly, Weber applies strict and rigorous quality control standards in producing 100% tested, custom designed and flexible circuitry for your specific application.  Call our Customer Service Experts to discuss your application! Also, be sure to ask about our U.S. Patent No. 7,645,956 B2 for Fail Safe Membrane Switches.

Design Options

►Tactile with Polyester or Metal  Domes
►Overlay: Graphics, Colors, and Surface Features (Embossed, Non-Embossed, Selectively Applied Textures), Antimicrobial Polyester
►Backlighting: LED, EL, Fiber Optic
►Terminations: Connectors, Solder Tabs and Others
►Shielding: ESD, EMI, RFI
►Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Assembly
►Flexible Printed Circuit
►Sub Panel/Enclosure: Metal or Plastic

Product Specification Options


►Contact: Normally Open, Momentary
►Contact Rating: 100ma @30VDC
►Switch Resistance: < 100 ohm
►Contact Bounce: < 10 ms
►Capacitance: < 20 pf
►Insulation Rating: 10 megohm @ 100 VDC
►Dialectric Strength: 250 VRMS (min.)


►Operating Temperature: -40 F to +150 F
►Relative Humidity: 95% Non-Condensing


►Actuation Force: 4 oz to 18 oz*
►Switch Travel: 0.05 – 0.030 in.*
►Switch Life: 5,000,000 Actuations*

*Variations +/- for stated values are dependent upon switch design, materials selected, construction methods, and “operating environment”.

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