Let us help you transform your normal label design into an attractive, 3D appearance!  Weber Precision Graphics’ special polyurethane-resin-coating process creates a label that not only looks great, but is also resistant to extreme weather, exposure to common chemicals and typical cleaners, as well as harsh environments. A domed lens is a protective window with dimension. This creates a durable window that can be used on medical and electronic instruments. Our quality, non-yellowing materials ensure excellent performance indoors or outdoors, from “-45 °F to +170 °F, under intense sunlight or not, and exposure to fresh or saltwater. Weber’s domed labels can be found on exercise and medical equipment, automobiles and recreational vehicles, and machines and appliances of all types.  Ask one of our Customer Service Experts what they think of your idea!

Product Specification Options

Polyester/Mylar, Foils, Polycarbonate, Vinyl and Numerous Others

►Many High-Quality Options Available, Application-Specific Determined

► Embossed, Windows, Individually Cut (Back-Score), Kiss Cut, Sheet, Strip, Roll
Available in All Sizes and Shapes

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