About Us

Making Others Look Good For 50 years!

“Strive to earn every day”

Our History

For 50 years, Weber Precision Graphics has delivered product identification, membrane switch, and custom sensing solutions to nearly every industry across the United States. Weber’s longstanding reputation, among our ever-expanding customer base, for high quality with outstanding service and support is something we consistently strive to earn every day. This was the mission and inspiration behind Henry G. Weber’s decision to start Weber Precision Graphics in the early 1970’s.

Complete satisfaction and a desire for a repeat experience continues to be Weber’s objective for each and every one of our customers. Simply put, Weber employees are driven to deliver complete customer satisfaction because they know this is their personal life-blood in being able to satisfy and support the needs of their own families.

"Before, During, And After The Sale"

Henry G. Weber, “Hank”, began his career in the product identification industry during the 1960’s. Working as an outside salesman for a company in Southern California, Hank had an inherent passion for providing his customers with the best quality products possible, and he combined this with a personalized level of service and support – “before, during, and after the sale!” This passion and work ethic quickly earned Hank an excellent reputation among his customers, and it would become the foundation that he would later build his own company upon.

"High Quality, Outstanding Service And Support"

While working as an outside salesman, Hank came to learn that the owner of the company he worked for didn’t share the same level of passion for high quality products with outstanding service and support for his customers. This eventually resulted in Hank not being in control of providing his customers with the consistent level of performance that he desired for them to receive. This was “totally unacceptable” as far as Hank was concerned. So, as has been the case for many wonderful entrepreneurial stories of our time, Hank decided that if he was going to achieve long-term success for himself and his family, in the industry with the customers he had come to love, he’d have to strike out and go into business for himself.

"A Great Woman"

Fortunately, Hank’s loyal customer relationships and the reputation he had earned over the years, translated into an instant customer base that Hank could indeed build a company upon. And, as with most successful and good men, Hank had a “great woman” behind him. Hank’s wife for over 50 years now, Margaret, was there in the early days (after putting in a full-day as an elementary school teacher) to provide Hank with the necessary administrative support and emotional encouragement to pursue and realize the dream they both envisioned when they began Weber Precision Graphics – night, weekends, whatever it took!


Early on, Hank encouraged a team-approach work environment at Weber where employees cooperate and help one another. Then and now, Weber employees are encouraged to continually analyze, evaluate, and make improvements within their particular area of responsibility and expertise. These individual efforts result in better products for Weber customers, as well as employees who understand that their individual contributions are valued and appreciated by their company and customers alike. Weber is both proud of and blessed to have employees who genuinely enjoy working at the company, many of whom have been employed at Weber for more than 20 years.

"Infectious Smile And Twinkle In His Eye"

Though now in his late 80’s, Hank still continues to lead and influence the company he started by serving as president of Weber Precision Graphics today. Just as he has all along, Hank continues to display an infectious smile and twinkle in his eye each day that he reviews the new orders report, or learns of a new customer who has placed their first order with the company he built, and remains so very proud of. Hank cherishes the opportunity to speak with or go visit prospective customers, and is still known to personally deliver orders to customers when given the chance as he routinely did in “the old days.” However, today Weber has progressed to the point of being equipped with “our own fleet of trucks and airplanes” to safely deliver orders to our customers – well…, actually UPS and FedEx do a great job handling this part for us!

"You’ve Come A Long Way Baby"

The famous saying, “you’ve come a long way baby” is certainly an appropriate way to describe the journey that Hank and Weber Precision Graphics have experienced over the years. From basic hand-made processes with rudimentary forming machines in the early days, to the high-speed automated machines, CAD and robotic laser cutters, and digital printing processes that Weber uses today, it’s easy to understand why Weber’s customer base extends from the Walt Disney Company to the U.S. Military, and nearly every industry type in between.